Audi Wexford Introduces High-Speed Electric Car Charger

Audi Wexford customers will now have access to the latest in electric vehicle charging technology as Audi Wexford proudly unveils its new high-speed electric car charger. This state-of-the-art charger is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle charging experience in the South East at an extremely competitive price.

With a staggering charging capacity of 50KW, the new DC Charger brings unprecedented speed and convenience to Audi and electric car owners. Designed with efficiency in mind, this cutting-edge charger can simultaneously charge three cars - two by using CCS leads and one using a Type 2 lead.

By offering a significant charging capacity, the 50KW DC Charger allows electric car owners to enjoy shorter charging times, allowing for extended driving experiences. The ability to simultaneously charge three cars with the charger's two CCS leads and one Type 2 lead ensures that customers can conveniently power up their vehicles without any delays.

At the forefront of sustainable mobility, Audi is committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean transportation solutions. The installation of the 50KW DC Charger at our premises is another step towards Audi's commitment to providing sustainable and convenient charging infrastructure for its electric vehicle customers.

Whether you're navigating the town or embarking on a long-distance journey, the high-speed electric car charger at Audi Wexford promises to deliver quick, reliable and efficient charging for Audi electric vehicle owners alike.

For more information or to experience the new high-speed electric car charger, please visit us here at Audi Wexford or contact the team on (053) 919 2100.