Audi is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and aims to become a CO2-neutral company by 2050. It will also be of great importance to include the retail and service locations worldwide on this path.

Audi Wexford are participating in the goTOzero retail initiative and are a pilot dealer for the Audi Dealer Network in Ireland.

Practical steps being taken by Audi Wexford.

  • We have established an environmental Task Force which is made up of staff and senior management to actively reduce carbon footprint.
  • Installation of Solar EV Panels to power our dealership which has resulted in a 73% decrease in our electricity usage from grid.
  • Moving to a paperless office. Effective use of digitalisation of sales and service documents.
  • Increase our capacity for recycling and strict monitoring of our waste which goes to landfill.
  • Replaced our Diesel customer bus to a more environmentally friendly plug-in hybrid model.
  • Reviewed our lighting systems and replaced all internal and external lighting to more eco-friendly LED bulbs with motion sensors and timers where possible.
  • Reviewed our heating system and updated our timers to maximise efficiency. We are looking at installing Heat Pumps and are actively looking at solutions to replace our current Heating System.
  • We actively record and review all our energy consumption with a view to significantly reducing it.
  • We have a comprehensive waste management system in place for recyclables, tyres, waste oil, metals etc.
  • We plan on switching our entire demo and courtesy car fleet to hybrid and fully electric models.
  • Doubled our rainwater harvesting capacity which we use for washing cars.
  • Increase awareness to customers about the environmental benefits of switching to hybrid and electric cars.
  • Source environmentally friendly supplies and cleaning products.
  • Encouraging and incentivising staff to make better use of Public Transport, Car Sharing and Bike to work schemes where possible.
  • Replaced our complimentary water bottles with a filtered water dispenser in our customer waiting area.
  • Replaced all disposable coffee cups with permenant old fashoned washable cups.
  • We are investing on electric bikes which will be available for service customers to use to pop into Wexford Town when the weather is suitable.

Our long term goal is to become carbon netural. We welcome and encourage any suggestions from our customers and staff on how we can improve - please email