Audi Wexford introduce new Express Check-In Kiosk for Service Customers.

Our new Kiosk will allow service customers quickly check-in their car and drop-off their keys at Audi Wexford without having to wait to speak with a Service Advisor.

When you make your service appointment with Audi Wexford (phone, email, website), we will text you a confirmation with a link so you can check-in your car from home the night before your appointment date or you can use the express kiosk and simply drop off your keys in one of the compartments.

If you have paid online for your service, you can also check-out and collect your keys from the Kiosk.

As always, our friendly service staff will be available to speak with directly if needed.

It is hoped that this will reduce waiting times for our valued service customers at peak times.

The Kiosk is very easy to use, but should you need assistance, our reception and showroom staff will be there to guide you through the steps.